Qualifications of Voting Members

1) Must have confessed to be a born again child of God.

2) Must have physically joined the church and received the right hand of fellowship from other members.

3) Must have read, and believe the Declaration of Faith and Teachings of the Millville Pentecostal Church.  [Found under "values & beliefs"]

4) Must have read and understand the governing body of the church and that this is the order of leadership in such body.

5) Must believe and understand that we must be faithful and good stewards to our local assembly from which the Holy Bible teaches us to be.

6) Must believe and practice the principles of tithing and giving to the local assembly such as the Holy Bible teaches.

7) Must be as faithful as possible to the attendance of church and worship services as well as other events that the local assembly performs.

8) Must understand that after such a time as three months of continual non-fellowship with the local assembly will warrant dismissal of membership and voting privileges, with the exception of serious illnesses.